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Triple M General Trading Co, a supplier of spare parts for European, trucks was established in 1997. This Company offers spare parts according to original standards under license and guarantee of Triple M. The Company was established with the aim of providing the needs of the transaction network based on its usual policy (Best Quality and Customer Satisfaction) and became one of the most reputable sellers of spare parts for light and heavy vehicles, trailers and industrial and agricultural machinery and achieved all the competitive trade and technical standards which was in itself a considerable success. The Company’s trade activities included a complete range of all engine spare parts, gearbox spare parts and spare parts of brakes, differentials, electrical parts, and body spare parts.


The Company provides guarantees for the products demanded, against all cases of product failure to meet any quality and defect in the making and to Technically guarantee this product. Obviously damages due to improper use or usual or eventual wear and tear or any unacceptable damages caused by tension or impact that arrive to the products will not be covered by such guarantees. Please check carefully the hologram mark of Triple M guarantee at the time of purchasing the product because the Company does not guarantee and any responsibility for and parts that do not have holograms.

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